Blog refresh!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

After many years of the good old Metro UI style, inspired by Windows Phone, I decided to give this blog a refresh and also change the underlaying blog engine.

After reading about static websites in this old post by Scott Hanselman, I decided to experimenting a little bit with Wyam, a highly modular and configurable .NET static site content generator, and results are quite satisfying!

Predefined blog templates in Wyam do not support multi-language features built-in, so I had to develop and customize some components to obtain the desired results. Also, I developed a tool to export (and convert to Markdown) all the existing content from the previous blog version (based on Umbraco CMS).

I'll share all the details in an upcoming post series and all the source code will be available soon, in case you may need something similar for a project of yours.