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Getting Started with NLP Deep Learning Using PyTorch and fastai

Intermediate | 2h 13m | March 21st, 2019

This course teaches you how to start using fastai library and PyTorch to obtain near-state-of-the-art results with Deep Learning NLP for text classification. It gives you a theoretical background and shows how to take models to production.

Getting Started with VR in Unity (retired)

Beginner | 2h 20m | August 18th, 2015

In this Unity tutorial, we'll learn the fundamentals for building virtual reality games and applications targeted to the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

Getting Started with Augmented Reality on Android Devices

Beginner | 3h 7m | January 13th, 2015

This course introduces Android developers to Augmented Reality concepts and applications.

Building an Intelligent System: From Embedded to Cloud (retired)

Intermediate | 2h 30m | May 5th, 2014

This course is an advanced journey in the developing phases of an Intelligent System, using Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry and Windows Azure.

What's new in Windows Embedded 8 Standard (retired)

Intermediate | 2h 36m | November 11th, 2013

This course provides an overview about the new features, tools and changes introduced in Windows Embedded 8 Standard, the successor of Windows Embedded Standard 7.