Generative AI with XeDotNet friends

Happy New Year folks! Let's start the 2024 with an announcement: I've been invited by my friends of the XeDotNet Community to their first event of the year. Together with my good friend Clemente Giorio (Microsoft MVP, Intel Innovator), we'll present, in Italian, a long and practical session focused on our year-long explorations: Generative AI in practice: from the most famous services to DIY solutions. With some theory, lots of demos and hands-on code, together we will explore the use of generative AI for various use cases and we will see potential approaches for implementing custom services using open-source tools, frameworks, and models, leveraging on-premise and cloud computing power. It will take place on January 19th, 2024, online, starting from 9 PM (UTC+1).

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AI Heroes, Dec 1st 2023

Busy weeks ahead in terms of events! I am pleased to announce that I will be a speaker, along with my colleague Luca Legora (R&D Technical PM, at Deltatre), in the first edition of AI Heroes on December 1, 2023, in Turin and online.

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Global AI Community, Generative AI talks

Two amazing announcements today! Global AI Community organizers invited me and my good friend Clemente Giorio (Microsoft MVP, Intel Innovator) for the upcoming Global AI Notes weekly online appointment, on November 13th, 2023. !! UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to a flu, the event did not take place and will be rescheduled for a date yet to be determined.

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Excited to speak at AI Day 2023

As the fall season is now in full swing, communities and organizers are excited to share the latest news about technology trends and advancements. I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaker, remotely, together with my long time buddy Clemente Giorio (Microsoft MVP, Intel Innovator) at the upcoming AI Day 2023 event, on November 24th, 2023, in Rome (Italy) and online.

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Speaker at WPC 2023, Milan (Italy), November 28-30

I am pleased to invite you to the annual event WPC 2023, the main Italian conference on Microsoft technologies. Organized in Milan (Italy) from November 28th to November 30th by OverNet Education. The list of speakers and sessions is available online: this year, it is once again very rich, featuring numerous sessions on artificial intelligence, web development, app development, the latest updates on development tools, and many other topics!

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Talking at Azure Day Torino 2023

After a summer break, communities and organizers are back at work at full speed, preparing new and amazing events where to share with you all the latest news about technologies and trends. Together with Clemente Giorio (Microsoft MVP, Intel Innovator), I've been invited as speaker at the upcoming Azure Day Torino 2023 event, on October 14, 2023.

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UGIdotNET Small Talks - Generative AI, a look into open-source models and toolkits

Together with the organizers and the UGIdotNET community, I'd like to invite you to the next live episode of Small Talks: Generative AI - A look into open-source models and toolkits, Thursday, May 4th, 5-6PM (CET). We will talk about generative AI, in Italian, and I will try to share my experience in some of its application scenarios. We will look at lesser-known models, frameworks, and tools that are open-source and, above all, that can be used to make the most of local resources on any PC, with or without a GPU, thanks to ONNX Runtime, Intel OpenVINO, and NVIDIA technologies.

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I’d like to invite you all to attend the NVIDIA GTC taking place March 20-23, 2023. It’s all virtual and free to attend: as you may know, GTC has become the must-attend event for researchers, developers, and business thought leaders in many fields and many industries, and this year promises even more exciting discoveries and interesting stuff to learn from.

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Global AI Bootcamp 2023 Turin (Italy), March 4th

Also this year the Global AI Bootcamp returns, a free event organized by local communities around the world, focused on Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft technologies (but not only). As usual, me and Clemente Giorio (Microsoft MVP, Intel Innovator) are organizing the Italian edition, in presence (in Torino, Italy), on March 4th, 2023, from about 9AM to 6PM, with the help and support of Deltatre Innovation Lab, Global AI Community and some local communities, such as Torino Technologies Group (TTG), ItaliaDotNet, DotNet Campania e DotNetPodcast.

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AI Day 2022 - Talking about Deep Learning Models optimization

I'd like to invite you to attend the AI Day 2022, back in presence in Rome (Italy) and also streamed online. It is a free full day of talks organized by .NET Code, on November 18. Together with Clemente Giorio, Microsoft MVP and colleague in Deltatre, I will co-present (remotely) the session Optimizing Deep Learning models: theory, tools & best-practices (in Italian), where we'll talk about theory and techniques to optimize Deep Learning models.

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