AI Conference 2024, Milan, Italy

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Since 2019, AI Conference has been an event designed to bring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning themes to Italy. With Italian and international guests, this event will discuss everything CTOs, developers, ML Engineers, and data scientists need to address as the technical and ethical challenges of recent years. If you're interested, you're invited to the fourth edition organized in person by improove, along with some partners, sponsors, and local communities, in Milan (Talent Garden Calabiana), on June 17, 2024.

On this occasion, I will present, in Italian, a session that combines AI and sports: "Karate and AI: Revolutionizing Martial Arts with Deep Learning and Body Tracking", where I will share my initial explorations in applying the latest technologies, especially Deep Learning and Body Tracking models, to this ancient martial art. We will evaluate how adopting these solutions can not only enhance athletes' performance but also provide coaches with new and reliable analytical tools.

Registration is required to attend the event.

The agenda has been announced, featuring truly interesting topics and outstanding speakers. To stay updated on the event, visit the official event website.

In the meantime... share, and see you there!