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TTG June 2019 - Machine Learning, Mixed Reality and Azure Sphere

Double monthly meetup this month! On June 26th there will be a new kind of event I'm organizing with the help of ItaliaDotNet, Torino Technologies Group (TTG) and DotNetPodcast communities. It will be about Machine Learning and Mixed Reality, covering various topics such as past, present and future of Machine Learning and AI, moving processing from cloud to the edge, hardware supporting Machine Learning (like Intel Movidius and OpenVino) and how to mix AI with reality, using HoloLens. This event will be hosted by Deltatre, between 6.30PM and 8.30PM.

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TTG May 2019 - What's new in Visual Studio 2019

On May 23rd there will be the monthly Torino Technologies Group (TTG) meetup. We're hosted by Toolbox Coworking, between 6PM and 8PM.

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