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WPC 2018, Milan, November 27-29

I'd like to invite you to the traditional yearly appointment with WPC 2018, the main Italian conference about Microsoft technologies. This is the 25th edition, organized in Milan (Italy) from November 27th to November 29th by OverNet Education. The session list is ready and available online: also this year, it is very rich with sessions about dev tools, AI, web/app developement and Mixed Reality.

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Coding Gym Torino, November 17th

Hello all, if you love problems and algorithms, and you'd like to improve your coding and problem solving skills, I'd like to invite you to the new Coding Gym Torino meeting, on November 17th, at 10:30AM in Toolbox.

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Coding Gym Torino

Welcome back from Holidays (if you did them)! To refresh your minds and improve your coding and algorithm skills, I'd like to invite you to Coding Gym Torino, a new kind of free events I'm organizing in Turin (Italy) with the help of some collaborators.

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