Deltatre Innovation Lab - Fireside Chat about NVIDIA Omniverse

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

On October 13th, 2022, from 6.30PM (CET), join me and Clemente Giorio in the new episode of the Deltatre Innovation Lab Fireside chat series. We're hosting Mario Viviani from NVIDIA with the session Building Tools for the Metaverse with NVIDIA Omniverse.

We'll discuss how developers can align Omniverse to their business model and build the tools for the virtual worlds of today and tomorrow:

  • What are the new opportunities for you offered by the Metaverse and 3D virtual worlds
  • How NVIDIA Omniverse can help you accelerate the integration with 3D workflows
  • How you can align Omniverse to your business model
  • How to easily get started creating Metaverse applications

It is possible to attend the event live, where we can answer your questions, and then watch it on-demand on the following channels: