IoT Conference 2016 Review

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The fourth edition of the Microsoft Embedded/IoT Conference, that, as every year, brings together all the Italian Microsoft Windows Embedded/IoT MVPs and the Microsoft Evangelists related to the IoT world, took place on Saturday May 7th, 2016 at Centro Direzionale in Naples (Italy), thanks to the sponsors Microsoft, BLEXIN, BEPS Engineering, Innovactive, adam|Factory and DotNetCampania and communities.

The day has been very interesting and many people participated. Above all, there has been a lot of interest for Virtual Reality and our ImmotionRoom project, which we setup since the morning to allow people test it (and for the first time in public with 4 Kinects and fully wireless)!

Immotion Room

But let's start from the beginning, and let's review the whole day.

The welcome keynote has been presented by Michele Aponte, DotNetCampania president, which is the community that organized the event.

Michele On Stage

Soon after, Erica Barone, Microsoft Evangelist for IoT and Microsoft Italian community reference, presented Microsoft IoT offers and solutions.

Erica On Stage

Then, Mirco Vanini, MVP and Alljoyn Ambassador, presented AllJoyn, an open-source framework for device inter-operability.

Mirco on Stage

At the coffee break (for those who did it...) I've been "assaulted" by people to know more about Virtual Reality and test ImmotionRoom.

People Testing

Later, it was time for Blexin presentation, where Mariarosaria Aponte started with this wonderful incipit, dedicated to all the speakers that take part in this kind of events.

Steve Jobs incipit

After that, Lorenzo Maiorfi, MVP, one of the founder of Innovactive and member of, presented mBed 3.0, a new Internet of Things platform by ARM.

Lorenzo On Stage

After launch, it was time for our session (with Beppe Platania), where we introduced Virtual Reality technologies and our ImmotionAR ImmotionRoom solution. Curiosity and hands-on testing for moving in VR wirelessly and without any wearable device a part from the Samsung Gear VR headset, pushed many participants to skip the coffee break in the morning and in the afternoon, to not miss the opportunity to test the system. My advice is to contact us or subscribe to our newsletter in order to know where and when we'll present ImmotionRoom next time ;-)

Gianni &beppe On Stage

In the last session of the day Felice Pescatore and Paolo Patierno presented an interesting adaptation of Agile workflows for IoT manufactoring.

Felice e Paolo On Stage

Before closing, we let the last people in the room try ImmotionRoom and live such amazing immervise and natural VR experience.

ImmotionRoom Usage

Together with the other organizers, we started planning other events about the same topics of this conference around Italy: in Turin with TTG community (Torino Technologies Group, which Beppe and me are members) and in Mestre, where Mirco can leverage XeDotNET (local community where he is involved).

Stay tuned for next events and news!