AI Day 2022 - Talking about Deep Learning Models optimization

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

I'd like to invite you to attend the AI Day 2022, back in presence in Rome (Italy) and also streamed online. It is a free full day of talks organized by .NET Code, on November 18. Together with Clemente Giorio, Microsoft MVP and colleague in Deltatre, I will co-present (remotely) the session Optimizing Deep Learning models: theory, tools & best-practices (in Italian), where we'll talk about theory and techniques to optimize Deep Learning models.

In this session we'll discuss the possible different layers of incremental improvements for deep learning models, from architecture review to dataset cleaning, and we'll share our experience leveraging Azure Machine Learning services and other open-source tools and frameworks.

The event is free, thanks to the sponsors, but registration is required. Agenda details can be found here.