Speaker at WPC 2022, Milan (Italy), October 17-19

Thursday, September 22, 2022

I'd like to invite you to the renewed yearly appointment with WPC 2022, the main Italian conference about Microsoft technologies. This is the 27th edition, back in presence! It's organized in Milan (Italy) from October 17th to October 19th by OverNet Education. The session list is ready and available online: also this year, it is very rich with sessions about dev tools, AI, web/app development and many other topics.

Me and Clemente Giorio (Microsoft MVP), we'll be speaker again in the Development track, with the session End-to-End Object Detection with Azure ML & ONNX Runtime. In this session we'll have a look at Object Detection YOLO models: after some theory, we'll see how to optimize a pre-trained model using Azure ML and serving it to process images and videos in a real-time cross-platform .NET application.

If you are not registered yet, it's time to do it know!