OpenCV AI Competition 2021 - Phase 1 Winners

Thursday, March 4, 2021

It's been an amazing day! Today, winners of the Phase 1 of the OpenCV AI Competition 2021 have been announced, and my team IDLE - Image Deep Learning Enthusiasts (composed by Clemente Giorio and me) has been selected! That was an incredible news, given that there have been more than 1400 submissions world-wide and only 258 teams got promoted to the next phase. Congratulations to all the Phase 1 winners, and good luck for the next phase!

Supported by sponsors (Intel and Microsoft), all Phase 1 winners will receive OpenCV OAK-D devices to help them build their projects during Phase 2. An OAK-D Device is a variant of the OpenCV AI Kit (OAK) capable of Spatial AI, the capability for AI to be applied to the physical world – to tell you what an object is and where it is in 3D space – in real time. It does this by running object detection off of its integrated 12MP RGB camera and combining the results with its integrated stereo-depth engine. You can run a variety of deep learning models support by OpenVINO and OAK-D automatically augments them with spatial data from the integrated stereo depth engine. A very interesting device!

We'll share our project's development journey on this blog and on our social channels. Stay tuned for more information and updates in the upcoming weeks.