Speaking at WPC 2019, Milan, December 3-5

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I'd like to invite you to the traditional yearly appointment with WPC 2019, the main Italian conference about Microsoft technologies. This is the 26th edition, organized in Milan (Italy) from December 3rd to December 5th by OverNet Education. The session list is ready and available online: also this year, it is very rich with sessions about dev tools, AI, web/app developement and Mixed Reality.

Together with Clemente Giorio (Microsoft MVP), we'll be speaker again also in this edition, with the session Mixed Reality: volumetric capture with Azure Kinect. In this session we'll have a look at the new Microsoft Azure Kinect sensors, their hardware and software features, and we'll "touch" real-time volumetric captures, combining multiple sensors, video streaming and HoloLens.

If you are not registered yet, do it know! Until October 25th, there are some promotion and discounts.