IoT Day 2015, Mestre - Italy

Saturday, April 25, 2015

You are all invited to the IoT Day, organized by XeDotNet and ** ** on May 8th, 2015 in Mestre (VE), Italy. It will be a full day event dedicated to Embedded and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies: there will be technical sessions to understand what is IoT, how it can be used and which technologies and services are involved.

In the morning there will be an overview about all the Microsoft (and non-Microsoft) tools and technologies to develop Internet of Things solutions, from Embedded devices (sensors, wearables and smart-glasses), to Microsoft Azure cloud services. Then, there will be two sessions about the Azure Service Bus, focused on Events Hub and network protocols. In the afternoon, there will be a session dedicated to problems and issues in a typical IoT solution. At the end, there will be a session about data persitence in IoT Solutions, focused on NoSQL databases.

Me and Beppe Platania will present a session about IoT theory and practice: we'll have an overview about the "usual" Windows Embedded systems and then we'll move on to the latest IoT services available in Azure. We'll also see how the IoT is moving from the Industrial world to the people, with augmented/virtual reality devices and wearable sensors. You can't miss it!

For further information have a look at the official page. The event is free, but very limited seats, so please register!