Kinect-Azure Proof-Of-Concept For Public Advertisements

Friday, June 7, 2013

Microsoft Innovation Center Torino, Arrow and BEPS Engineering developed a proof-of-concept (POC) solution for public advertisements: the Kinect-Azure POC, an Intelligent Systems case study.

The current solution is focused on a real estate scenario, but the same technologies can be applied in different application domains.

The system is composed by three elements:

  • A *Kinect for Windows*

sensor which enables a Natural User Experience by means of simple hand and body gestures

  • A *Windows

Embedded*-powered device that runs the domain-specific application, manages the Kinect device and connects to the Cloud

backend, leveraging the Windows Azure infrastructure, which manages application contents and enables Business Intelligent analysis.

A short demo video of the working solution is available on YouTube.

Further technical details can be found in this presentation: Advanced Advertising System POC.