Windows Phone 8 Officially Launched

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yesterday Microsoft officially launched Windows Phone 8. We already knew a lot of the new features and capabilities of the new OS, but a number of them have been introduced just at the keynote in San Francisco:

  • Live Apps (Lock Screen notifications)

Microsoft has added the ability to set any app that uses push notifications to notify you straight to the lock screen from where you can unlock direct to that app.

  • **Kid's Corner

    ** A rather nice and unique feature here from Microsoft. There's a tile on the Start Screen called "Kid's Corner". Tap this and it will take you to a virtual Start Screen that children can build themselves and customise with apps and games and whatever else they'd like to do with their parents' phone. At the same time, parents choose what is available to them and protect those options with a PIN.

  • **OneNote Mobile

    ** OneNote Mobile is not under the Office Hub section anymore. That's because it has now been moved out and has become an app in its own right on the Start Screen. The idea is that it gives users instant access to note taking which now sync automatically with SkyDrive. It's also quick to share photos with OneNote now. Tap and hold on an image and select the OneNote option.

  • Data Sense

Microsoft added a handy new app for those on sensitive data plans. "Data Sense" keeps a track of user's data usage. It is possible to set how much data one has in his contract and on which day of the month the counter can be reset. If users do get close to their ceilings, then "Data Sense" will send a warning.

And last, but not least, today the Windows Phone 8 SDK should be made publicly available. Stay tuned for updates!