A Journey ends, another one begins...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Last friday was my last day at work. After about 10 years, my journey in the great Beps Engineering, an Italian leader in Microsoft Windows Embedded and IoT technologies, has come to the end. I want to thank all my colleagues, who shared their experience and passion in all the projects we did in the past years. I've been able to learn a lot in numerous fields, ranging from embedded devices to cloud/IoT solutions, passing by cross-platform apps development, inventing new stuff in interesting R&D projects and crafting immersive VR experiences. I'm very grateful to the management, especially Beppe Platania, that let me pursue my passions and thirsty of knowledge, and sharing back most of the stuff I learnt with the developer community through events and Microsoft MVP activities.

When a journey ends, another one begins: this week I started a new adventure in the VR/AR R&D field, related to video streaming. Things are still too fresh to make plans for future activities, nonetheless my interest in new technologies and my thirsty of knowledge keep growing and my willing of sharing with my new colleagues and the dev community is more alive than ever.

Stay tuned, I'll keep updating this blog in the near future.