MetroMVVM On Codeplex

Monday, April 23, 2012

MetroMVVM is a .NET helper library for Windows 8 Metro style XAML applications. It contains a set of basic components, helpers and extensions to easily develop apps based on the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. The goal of this library is to make Windows 8 XAML apps development faster, using a widely adopted pattern and a decoupled architecture, so developers won't have to spend time solving problems that have already been solved.

The library is based on other existing MVVM frameworks (MVVM Light Toolkit, MVVM Foundation) and extends and integrates them with personal and other developers' contributions (Andrea Boschin, Tim Heuer,Nicolas Humann,Slobodan Pavkov, Joost van Schaik), in order to be proficiently used to develop rich-featured and complex apps targeted to Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

I'm currently developing some Metro-style apps and the helper library is an in-progress side-by-side project, which I'll update periodically to integrate features and enhancements as soon as I develop them.

Future posts will cover MetroMVVM architecture, components, usages and samples. For now, download it from CodePlex and give it a try. Please, feel free to send me comments, advices or bug reports!