Windows Embedded 8 Industry is available

As announced a few weeks ago, Microsoft Windows Embedded 8 Industry is finally available. Windows Embedded 8 Industry is the new version of Windows Embedded POSReady 7, a trusted platform for building differentiated devices that are part of an Intelligent System. It is a fixed platform solution based on Windows 8 that provides the capabilities devices in Retail, Financial Services and Hospitality Industries require.

Windows Embedded 8 logo

Major features:

  • Fixed Platform

Fixed Windows 8 image with Embedded Features for industry specific devices.

  • Trusted Technologies

Deliver the security, management and reliability of Windows 8 to specialized devices.

  • Rich Line of Business Experiences

Bring the clean, modern design of Windows 8 apps as well as the familiarity of desktop applications to specialized industry devices.

With this release of Windows Embedded 8 Industry, Microsoft tries to maximize the benefits for both OEMs and Enterprise customers by offering three SKUs:

  • Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro: the ideal SKU to build ATMs and devices for the healthcare and manufacturing industries, creating a new class of industry-specific device with a sleek, powerful, modern OS.
  • Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro (Retail): it provides specialized embedded functionality to get the most out of retail devices like POS terminals, kiosks, scanners and more.
  • Windows Embedded 8 Industry Enterprise: available through Volume Licensing in July, the Enterprise SKU provides embedded-specific features designed to integrate seamlessly with Windows 8 Enterprise.

You can read the full press release here and try it yourself by downloading it from

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