The Wedding Planner for Windows 8

The Wedding Planner logoI'm very happy to announce that my first Windows 8 app, "The Wedding Planner", is now available on the Windows Store, for free.

Whether you are planning your Wedding or your daily work is to plan Weddings for customers, "The Wedding Planner" is the organizer app that will help you to manage and keep track of all the vital information about that special Day, easily. Keeping on top of many wedding plans couldn't be simpler! Using The Wedding Planner for Windows 8 is the easiest way to ensure even the smallest details aren't forgotten.

Please, try it! Your feedbacks are very valuable.

It has been a long journey, since the first designing phases to publishing the app on the Store, few days ago. Everything started on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview in March. Then, back in June, the preliminary version of the app had been admitted in the Italian "Windows 8 Hall of Fame", along with other great apps by friends and fellow developers. This summer, among other projects (and a few Certification Exams about the new Microsoft development technologies), I completed the porting to the Windows 8 Release Preview and then, during the last weeks, I finished all the development on Windows 8 RTM.

I've also been able to integrate some preliminary versions of the DatePicker control included in the amazing Telerik's RadControls for Metro suite, also reporting a few bugs to the Telerik team, who fixed them immediately. As secondary project, I started the development of MetroMVVM, an helper library for MVVM support in Windows Store applications (a.k.a Metro-style apps): it's available on Codeplex.

I've learned a lot of new things and had a fantastic Windows 8 experience, so far. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

At last, I'd like to thank Lorenzo Barbieri, Italian Microsoft Technical Evangelist, and the Microsoft DPE team, for they support throughout the app development, especially in the Excellence Lab experience.

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