WPC2012 – Milan Italy, November 20/21/22


Overnet, in collaboration with Microsoft, organizes WPC2012. WPC is the most important Italian conference about Microsoft technologies. This year, WPC tries to become the focal point for Italian developers and IT pros: which are the winning topics for a technology conference?

3 full-days about news and updates on Microsoft technologies

The world is changing and the technology too. WPC is the event which let you discover and learn the present and the future of software development technologies and IT solutions.

WPC is the conference for "everybody": from hobbyist to experts. In 2012 edition, Italians and international MVPs will work together throughout the event. Microsoft MVP is a symbol of quality and passion. In addition to MVPs, there will be international experts, Microsoft evangelists and more…

The most important aspect of a technical conference: meeting and talking with experts. At WPC2012 there will be an ATE (Ask The Expert), with lots of experts and covered technologies, in Microsoft TechEd style.

For further details and subscriptions, visit the official website.

If you have any questions, curiosities or just want to have some talk, I'll be at the Ask The Expert, together with my colleagues Marco and Beppe, on November 21st.

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