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Hit Motion: finally full body virtual reality gaming is real!

Hit Motion

I'm happy to announce that Immotionar, the Beps Engineering division I'm leading, has just released Hit Motion, the first game where you can exploit your full body inside virtual reality! The game leverages ImmotionRoom technology to let you see your full avatar and use any part of the body to interact with the virtual world!


IoT Conference 2016 Review

IoT Napoli MVPs

The fourth edition of the Microsoft Embedded/IoT Conference, that, as every year, brings together all the Italian Microsoft Windows Embedded/IoT MVPs and the Microsoft Evangelists related to the IoT world, took place on Saturday May 7th, 2016 at Centro Direzionale in Naples (Italy), thanks to the sponsors MicrosoftBLEXINBEPS EngineeringInnovactiveadam|Factory and DotNetCampania and communities.

The day has been very interesting and many people participated. Above all, there has been a lot of interest for Virtual Reality and our ImmotionRoom project, which we setup since the morning to allow people test it (and for the first time in public with 4 Kinects and fully wireless)!


MVP Open Days 2016 in Rome

Open -DAY - Rome

The Microsoft MVP Open Day is an event where MVPs can meet peers coming from Western Europe countries and networking and sharing is what it is all about! The MVP Open Day is also well-known among Corp (people from Redmond) and DX/Evangelist people.

The Open Day event has a long and proud tradition in the worldwide Microsoft MVP community and, this year, Microsoft tried something different by having a Western Europe MVP Open Day event (Italy, Portugal, Spain) + Benelux and Scandinavian countries, organized in Rome (Italy) on April 29th.


IoT Conference - Naples (Italy) May 7th 2016

IoT Conf Napoli 2016

As usual since the past years, a new appointment with the Embedded and IoT world returns to Naples (Italy): the "IoT Conference".

The free event will be on Saturday, May 7th 2016 in Naples (Italy), organized by DotNetCampania community and Microsoft Italy. It will be about Internet of Things and all related technologies, from micro-devices to the cloud, passing through wearables, Virtual Reality and other technologies.


GameDev Tour Turin - Italy - April 21st 2016

Tech Heros Game Dev

TecHeroes loves GameDev Tour is a series of free Italian events focused on Game Development. On April 21st, there will be an event in Turin, Italy, at the Microsoft Innovation Center.

In Turin you will also have the opportunity to follow a special session/lab on Virtual Reality, where Antony Vitillo and me from ImmotionAR will present you technologies, devices for VR and how to develop with Unity. If you are interested, there is also the exclusive opportunity to try the ImmotionRoom system.


Invitation to WTT

WTT logoI'd like to invite you to the WTT: Wearable Tech Torino, on November 20-21 from 10 AM to 8 PM.

WTT is the first exhibition in Europe dedicated exclusively to wearable technologies. During the fair, visitors will have the opportunity to try wearable devices presented by companies and startups that will take part at the event.


Kinect for Windows SDK 1.8 released

Today Microsoft released the new Kinect for Windows SDK 1.8, which includes some key features and samples that the community has been asking for, including:

  • New background removal
    An API removes the background behind the active user so that it can be replaced with an artificial background. It is especially useful for advertising, augmented reality gaming, training and simulation, and other immersive experiences that place the user in a different virtual environment.

TTG Event – Kinect for Windows development

TTG LogoOn June 20th, as every month, there will be the Torino Technologies Group (TTG) community event, hosted in Microsoft Innovation Center Torino (Italy).

I will present an introductory session about Kinect for Windows: how it works, its SDKs, the new SDK 1.7 features, and we'll see some basic samples. After my session, "Take a Ticket " game developers will live showcase their work.

Kinect-Azure Proof-of-Concept for public advertisements

Microsoft Innovation Center Torino, Arrow and BEPS Engineering developed a proof-of-concept (POC) solution for public advertisements: the Kinect-Azure POC, an Intelligent Systems case study.

The current solution is focused on a real estate scenario, but the same technologies can be applied in different application domains.


Kinect for Windows SDK v1.7

Some Kinect 1.7 SamplesYesterday Microsoft released a new version of the Kinect for Windows SDK. It represents a significant update to the SDK since Microsoft released the first version a little over a year ago and, with the new features and enhancements introduced, new applications are now possible for businesses and developers. In addition to the updated SDK, a new and improved Human Interface Guidelines has been made available on Kinect website.


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